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All donors are valued, key stakeholders in the Studio Tenn family. Studio Tenn is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible net the value of any of the benefits you may partake of or receive.

To learn more about Studio Tenn's sponsorships, please email Todd Morgan or call at (615) 541-8223.


Studio Tenn Donors

Join our new Membership Club and receive valuable benefits while supporting Franklin's premier professional theatre.


PRODUCER: $1,001-$2,500
ARTISAN CIRCLE: $2,501-$5,000

BENEFACTOR: $5,001-$10,000
HEADLINER: $10,001-$15,000
PREMIER PATRON: $15,001-$25,000
ANGEL: $25,000+

Reflects combined gifts received August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018


$20,000 - $49,999
Angela and Tom Atema
Cal Turner
Ellen Martin
Llew Ann and Matthew King
Martha Rivers Ingram
Mary Simpson

$10,000 - $19,999
Charles Irby
Danner Foundation
James and Patricia Munro
Roberta Ciuffo-West
Williamson Medical Center

$5,000 - $9,999
Bill and Leonard Armistead
Charles McDowell
Dan and Kim Gordon
Kay and Roderick Heller
Lynne and Tony McAlister
Mark Humphreys
Raymond Beck
Wayne and fran Kirkpatrick

$2,500 - $4,999
Bob Roethemeyer
Bruce Sullivan
Denise and Greg Sikes
Dollar General
Elaine & Ira Work
Franklin Synergy Bank
James and Michelle Alcott
Howard and Kimberly Wall
Lance Gruner and Shawn Wilson
Larry and Candie Westbrook
Marguerite and Philip Hall
Charlotte and Michael Goldston

$1,000 - $2,499
Anne Parsons
Beth and Preston Ingram
Burton Dye
Charlotte Goldston - UBS
David Bailey
Donald and Elizabeth Stinnett
Henry Dephillips
Iris and Jon Rotker

Jane and Ralph Roach
Jeff and Jane Bennie
John Bartlett
John Cain
Julie-Anne Kress
Kathy and Keith Melton
Kenneth and Ellen Chin
Mac Kelton
Michael and Shelia Mullican
Nan Smith
Patrick and Nathan Bennett
Paula and Joe Flautt
Robert And Merle Higdon
Ronald P. Powell
Tom and Jennifer Blake

$500 - $999
Allison and John Beasley
Bob and Kay Musgrove
Brian Campbell
Clifford Childs
Dennis and Jean Bottorff
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Martin
Elaine and Dan Moss
Elaine Wells
Fran Houser
Henry (Chip) and Kay Arnold III
Jake and Emily Speck
Jane Greenfield
Jennifer and Marty Goetz
Joan and Richards Fox
Joan George Hornberger
Kisha Campbell
Laurie and Steven Eskind
Lawrence Barnard
Myrtianne Downs
Pam and Philip Francis
Patricia Garman
Patty and Andrew Kern
Victoria Ross
Wendy Dunavant

$250 - $499
Alex Kelso
Anne-Marie Farmer
Annette Pryce
Belle Fahrer
Beth and Douglas Heimburger
Cammy and Dorothy Bethea

Carolyn Ermey
Chad Fowler
Cheryl and Allen Patton
Christopher Boone
E. Shannon Howell
Elizabeth Holmes
Fran Adcock
Gary Spicer
Gideon Long
H David Wilson
Heather Thompson
Henry and Mary Hildebrand
Jane McDonald
Jason Miller
Jennifer and Jamey Parker
Kay and Michael Thompson
Ken Upchurch
Marilyn Lehew
Michael Zak
Robert and Betty Steele
Stef Gorman
Terry Blankenship
William Keane

$100 - $249
Alex Kelso
Amy and David Landers
Amy Doug Ware
Ben Snyder
Betsy Sottek
Brandi and William Josh Kellett
Candy Sullivan
Carol Mcdaniel
Catherine Stallworth
Charles Irby
Christine Whitmore
Claire Reagan
Clare Armistead
Clark Tiger
Colleen Morris
David Anderson
Denise Hickerson
Doug Irwin
Douglas and Michele Smith
Dr. Richard and Susan Oliver
Dwight and Jaye Wagner
E Shannon Howell
E.M. and E. Jean Parker
Elizabeth Holmes
Erica Zuhr

Gary and Theresa Picone
Gilbert Smith
Hope Mitchell
James and Martha Jo Berry
Jane Macdonald
Jeff and Judy Day
Jennifer and Jamey Parker
Jo and Gerald Singer
Joan George Hornberger
John and Jillian Frist
John Baltz
Katherine McMurray
Kenny Tanner
Larry and Billy Lou Wright
Laura Callis
Lemuel and Caroline Stevens
Linda Pope
Lori and Wally Nason
Lori Terlikosky
Marilyn Lehew
Mary and Gerald Phillips
Matt Parker
Michael Gremo
Missy and John Voigt
Ms. Trey Lipman
Nicole Horner
Pam and Philip Francis
Pamela Benton
Pat Kitty Murphy
Patricia Smallman
Patty and Andrew Kern
Phillip Carr
Richard Thomas
Robert And Merle Higdon
Ronnie Meek
Sara Nelson
Sarah Baurle
Sarah Dugan
Sharon Harwell
Sharon Pigott
Shawne and Allen Sills
Shelley Moeller
Sue Smith
Terry Bridges
Theodore Kelly
Tim and Mary Schoettle
Timothy Larson
Traci Jacobs
W. Ben Snyder
William and Candace Wade