Wardrobe Donations

We accept items that are clean, in good condition, and on hangers. Please, no boxes. If an item is historical in nature and cannot be worn, we can use it as a pattern. Anything that we cannot use will go to a local thrift store.

Items we do not accept include: underwear, t-shirts, sweat shirts, items with business logos, or infant clothing.

Please contact us at info@studiotenn.com to arrange a time to drop off clothing donations!


Got clothes? We want them!

At Studio Tenn we believe that costumes are a huge part of our story telling. We spend a great deal of time and effort to custom design your experiences in the theatre. We do make many garments from scratch and we use a good deal of vintage and secondhand clothing. We find that sometimes the stories that come from 'lived' in clothes enrich our design. 

The Studio Tenn Costume Department accepts clothing, hat, and accessory donations from individuals, organizations, vintage stores, opera companies, Broadway production companies, costume designers, and more. 

For more information, please contact us at info@studiotenn.com or fill out the form below.

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