review of 'Smokey Joe's Cafe' from 2012-2013 season

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's songs are so much a part of our lives, so universal in their ubiquity that you may not even know who wrote them. But rest assured, they are likely among your all-time favorites. Now, thanks to the sparkling, imaginative Studio Tenn revival of Smokey Joe's Café-the Tony Award-nominated musical revue that collects some 39 (although a couple were cut, so we'll place the number at 37 for this production) of those terrific Leiber and Stoller songs into one smooth, entertaining package- you can revel in the music (heck, you can even sing along) and set your feet to tapping out the rhythms of your life, expressed so evocatively by director Matt Logan's eight-member cast.


Logan Treadaway