Nashville Parent magazine feature on 'The Sound of Music' from 2011-2012 season

Every so often a huge talent should be recognized. Nan Gurley is one of those talents.

When local actor Nan Gurley sings “Climb Every Mountain” at the end of Act I in Studio Tenn’s new production of The Sound of Music currently on the boards at the spiffy Franklin Theatre through June 17, it’s absolutely soul stirring. Don’t know what that means? Well, that’s because there’s not much that literally stirs the soul these days; local audiences have been so over gushed to in what are supposed to be critical reviews (there’s such an overabundance of gushing going on for so many things that the real measure of “great” is now lost), that it’s hard to know what’s really good. This writer, for one, appreciates restraint in written reviews so that when one actually does have one of those rare soul-stirring moments one can say so accurately without leading astray.


Logan Treadaway