Nashville Parent review of 'A Christmas Carol' from 2013-2014 season

More festive than the biggest turkey hanging in the poultry shop window is Studio Tenn’s newly re-imagined production of a beloved holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel, Paula Y. Flautt’s adaptation continues to shine, and while you may have seen one of Studio Tenn’s past productions of A Christmas Carol, you’ve never seen it quite like this on the Polk Theater stage at TPAC! While Studio Tenn’s past productions of A Christmas Carol have all been excellent, the expanded stage in Polk Theater makes a huge difference in that the cast has so much more room and movement to deliver even greater dramatic flair. In fact, for a couple hours, you’ll forget you’re in Nashville and think you’re sitting in a theater in New York. Studio Tenn’s production of this year’s version of A Christmas Carol could easily be playing on Broadway, and it’s a Tony-worthy performance through and through. It is truly that outstanding!


Logan Treadaway