Studio Tenn digs deep for 'Steel Magnolias'

Southern women, Southern playwright and a Southern story set in a Southern small-town beauty parlor?

Bless your heart; it would be so easy to play the cliché.

Studio Tenn Theatre Company's production of "Steel Magnolias," however, aims to dive deeper than the surface of the "laughter through tears" story of family, life and death. Based on a memoir written by Robert Harling, whose 33-year-old sister Susan died of complications from diabetes in 1985, the piece offers rich characters, humor and warmth. Studio Tenn brings it to the stage with a host of veteran Nashville actors in a stellar all-female cast: Shelean Newman, Marguerite Hall, Nan Gurley, Evelyn O'Neal Brush, Ruth Cordell and Emily Landham.


The Tennessean. 2014.


Logan Treadaway