Studio Tenn honors Man in Black with 'Cash Legacy'

Photo by Anthony Matula

Photo by Anthony Matula

Considering the success of Studio Tenn's original tribute to Hank Williams back in 2013, it comes as no surprise that this innovative company would follow up with another homegrown musical revue. This time it's "The Cash Legacy: A Musical Tribute to the Man in Black."

Billed as a "theatrical concert," "The Cash Legacy" stays true to its previous Hank-themed production — there's no dialogue or even narration. And though I longed for more of a theatrical context or acknowledgment of Cash's unique back story, there's no denying the power of his music — particularly when performed by such polished vocalists and musicians.

It's interesting to note that the cast visited Cash's boyhood home in Dyess, Ark., as well as Memphis' famed Sun Studio, where Cash recorded many of his hits. There's no way of knowing how this journey may have influenced their performances, but it certainly seems to have forged a genuine sense of camaraderie, which bolsters the production.