Studio Tenn renews magic of 'Wizard of Oz'

Photo by Anthony Matula for MA2LA

Photo by Anthony Matula for MA2LA

As I watched Studio Tenn's final dress rehearsal for "The Wizard of Oz" unfold Thursday evening, one thing became eminently clear — this is not your typical re-run of the beloved 1939 film classic. No, audiences can rest assured that the man behind Studio Tenn's curtain has much bigger plans in mind.

Since 2009, artistic director Matt Logan has secured his reputation as a design wizard of sorts, but "Oz" may offer some of his finest work to date. Each costume is a meticulously detailed work of art, especially when topped off by Sondra Nottingham's stunning wigs and makeup. From Glinda's whimsical pink gown to the form-fitting textures of the Wicked Witch, each piece seems more dazzling than the last. The citizens of Emerald City create a series of sophisticated verdigris silhouettes, and dancing poppies transform themselves into snowflakes before our very eyes.


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