Studio Tenn rises to the challenge of staging The Wizard of Oz at the Schermerhorn

While it took Studio Tenn a few years to find a permanent home, the acclaimed theater company still enjoys flirting with road trips. With this weekend's mounting of three performances of The Wizard of Oz, Studio Tenn once again enters the world-class sound chamber of Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the site of their 2014 production of Les Misérables.

"It's kind of like what we did with 12 Angry Men at the courthouse in Franklin," says artistic director Matt Logan, recalling his propensity for "environmental" theater. "It's a fully executed production, but we're embracing the room. We've put the orchestra in the middle of the stage, a serious Yellow Brick Road built up around them. We've got a huge projection screen, a large cast in original costumes, and a fully choreographed staging. There are a few limitations — no wings or fly space — but thankfully, we are giving our audience way more than they might expect." 


Nashville Scene. 2015

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