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Doubt: A Parable

Join Studio Tenn in this Tony Award winning and Academy Award nominated drama that not only raises questions of uncertainties, but causes audiences to explore who they are, and who they become, in the face of adversity.


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Fostering a direct and passionate engagement for youth, educators, artists and the broader community in all aspects of the theatre experience.  

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17/18 Season.

In the 2017/2018 season, the unifying theme is the pursuit of curiosity. Theatre and curiosity create a charming mix to become a comfortable escape into a more simple world. At times, we all need an escape; an adventure that leads us to new paths or gives a glimpse into a historical past. Curiosity leads Tod Carter into one of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, it compels Lucy to cross through the wardrobe and into Narnia, it fuels Sister Aloysius' suspicion of deceitful behavior, and it drives the tenacious spunk behind the mischievous teens of Rydell High.

So much of the theatre world is built on curiosity. It's the one thing invincible in nature. An ever-present force in each of our lives that leads us down undiscovered paths, fostering the growth of possibilities, opportunities and artistry. Even so, this journey in theatricality and curiousness in the 2017/2018 season allows us to witness unforeseen experiences and walk away encouraged, enlightened and heightened to a new point of view.